East Asia Super League Fest prepares to rock Macao

Posted: August 26, 2018

Co-organized by Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government and East Asia Super League, The Terrific 12 basketball tournament will be held from September 18 to 23 at Studio City Event Center in Macao. 12 teams representing some of the best clubs from China, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Chinese Taipei will compete.

Fans can travel to Macao to witness elite Asian basketball in person, or follow the games from home on East Asia Super League’s digital and TV broadcasting partners.
Sports Bureau and Asia League are innovators in the field of Asian club basketball. By combining
large-scale concerts and elite basketball, they will augment Macao’s sporting and entertainment
offerings. East Asia Super League Fest, to take place on September 21 at Studio City Event Center, will bring
together the distinctive musical styles of China, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and Chinese Taipei.
Performing artists include:



The Terrific 12 is the first East Asia Super League event to feature a standalone musical performance. The star-
studded musical lineup is consistent with the scale of the tournament and the star power of its
athletes, which will include foreign import players from the NBA. This distinguishes The Terrific 12
from Summer Super 8, which focused on supporting the long-term growth of Asian basketball by
giving opportunities for coaches and referees to develop professionally through specialized clinics, in
addition to giving younger players a chance to hone their skills in a premium competition

Tickets to East Asia Super League Fest are available now at this link. Tickets for East Asia Super League Fest start from MOP
280, or MOP 500 for a ticket combining the triple excitement of East Asia Super League Fest, The Terrific 12
semifinals, and The Terrific 12 finals. Tickets are also already on sale for The Terrific 12 and range from
MOP 100 for group stage tickets to MOP 120 for semifinals and finals tickets. All Macao residents with
a valid Macao SAR Permanent Resident Card, Macao SAR Non-Permanent Resident Card, or Macao
SAR student ID enjoy a 20% discount (Macao residents) or 50% discount (for students) when
purchasing tickets in person at the Studio City Event Center ticketing area.