East Asia Super League announces the official ‘Dream Team’ cheerleaders

Posted: September 5, 2019

The South Korean Dream Team Cheerleaders the official performers for The Terrific 12

[HONG KONG SAR – August 30th] – East Asia Super League (EASL) announced today that the Dream Team Cheerleaders, the cheerleading squad of HSCOM entertainment, will travel to Macao Special Administrative Region to perform for the first time ever in in the premier basketball event of the summer, The Terrific 12, hosted at Macao’s Tap Seac Multi-Sport Pavilion from September 17-22.

In the spirit of hosting the best All-Star performers that East Asia has to offer, some of the best cheerleaders from South Korea will arrive in Macao to put on performances like no other. The Dream Team features two elite teams – the Cheerguys, an acrobatic team, and the Pop Players, a junior K-pop dance team. The dynamic squads will put on stunning performances and rally the crowds in Macao for all 16 games of The Terrific 12.

The Dream Team cheerleaders have been a stalwart of the Seoul SK Knights home games for the past 20 years. The team was selected as the best cheerleaders for the 2018-2019 Korean Basketball League (KBL) season. They are renowned throughout South Korea for their dance routines and acrobatic moves.

The Dream Team is an incredibly accomplished squad. The junior K-pop dance team, the Pop Players, are a young energetic group who have performed in several major sports events. In 2018, the Pop Players were one of the official cheerleading groups in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The cheerleaders will energize locals and visitors with performances throughout the tournament. Photo sessions will also be scheduled before and after games to give fans an experience to remember and commemorate!

To watch some of their performances and hihglights, please follow the link below:
DREAM TEAM Cheerleaders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaLdvHHYIrw



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