Korean basketball earns plaudits from Asia League CEO Matt Beyer

Posted: September 24, 2019

Korean basketball earns plaudits from Asia League CEO Matt Beyer

[MACAO SAR – September 18th, 2019] In a group interview at the 2019 “East Asia Super League – The Terrific 12” tournament, Asia League Limited (Asia League) CEO Matt Beyer praised the role of Korean teams in driving strong competition at this year’s event. This high-level competition benefits advertisers, players, coaches, and fans by tapping into the growing 18-35-year-old demographic that has developed a taste and love for the sport. The best way to grow the sport in Korea and elsewhere, Beyer believes, is “through strong and diverse competition.” 

Beyer’s praise extended beyond the teams on the court to include Korea’s sports media and SK cheerleaders. “It’s an honor to see this Korean media contingent,” Beyer began, “… we appreciate [Korean journalists’] support in covering this tournament and we really want to offer great competition for Korean fans.” As for the cheerleaders, Beyer was impressed by, “their professionalism and dedication to their performance.”

Noting the far-reaching effects of promoting basketball in Asia, saying Beyer observed that The Terrific 12 “is diplomacy in sports.” While Korea prioritizes international competition, Mr. Beyer outlined how the Asia League provides an additional platform for developing skill levels in the region. “One of our objectives beside development of the game is to try new things to reach fans in a different way,” he remarked, which is why Asia League prioritizes player focused content and collaboration with Naver, to allow fans to experience the sport in a “way they never have before.”

Beyer’s comments were made before the first game of The Terrific 12 Day 2 on September 18, 2019. The tournament features Jeonju KCC Egis and Seoul SK Knights, both strong KBL competitors.

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