The Terrific 12 bring together top Asian basketball teams and musical performers

Posted: August 16, 2018

The Terrific 12 bring together top Asian basketball teams and musical performers.
Today, Sports Bureau of the Macao SAR Government, and Asia League announced teams, musical entertainment, and ticketing info for The Terrific 12(TT12) tournament. As a FIBA-recognized preseason basketball tournament, TT12 will bring together a dozen of Asia’s best club basketball teams for matches over September 18-23, as well as hosting East Asia Super League Fest. A major concert featuring a diverse range of musical stars on September 21.

Organized by the Sports Bureau of the Macao SAR Government and East Asia Super League, TT12 will continue the drumbeat of basketball excitement in Macao created by the July 2018
Summer Super 8 (SS8), which concluded with the Guangzhou Long-Lions being crowned champions after clinching a nail-biting win over the Seoul Samsung Thunders at the
Macao East Asian Games Dome. As Asia League’s premier preseason tournament, TT12 will see elite teams from basketball leagues in China, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Chinese Taipei lock horns again on the court. Fans will travel to Macao to watch basketball history be written, or follow the games by tuning into live streams from East Asia Super League’s digital and TV broadcast partners.


Miss Christine Lam, Vice President of the Sports Bureau of the Macao SAR Government spoke at a press conference for the event, stating, “Fans love the international matchups offered by TT12. We are proud to bring this experience to the people of Macao and basketball lovers from across the region and to continue to raise the profile of Macao as a sporting and entertainment destination.” “We have some of the best teams from across Asia in this tournament”, stated East Asia Super League CEO Matt Beyer at the press conference. “TT12 is the premier pre-season tournament for Asian basketball fans who want to see their team go head-to-head with the region’s best competition. We are proud to hold the event in Studio City Event Center.”



TT12 will also host East Asia Super League Fest, a star-studded spectacle which enhances the sporting entertainment of the games with performances from a diverse range of musical luminaries. The concert will take place on September 21 at the Studio City Event Center.


Beyer continued, “TT12 is not just a basketball tournament. East Asia Super League Fest is a live musical performance that offers something for everyone, even fans who have never held a basketball.” This distinguishes TT12 from the SS8, which focused on supporting the long- term growth of Asian basketball by giving opportunities for coaches and referees to develop professionally through specialized clinics, in addition to giving younger players a chance to hone their skills on the court.

Tickets to TT12 will be available from Wednesday, August 15, at this link.

Tickets range from MOP 100 for group stage tickets to MOP 120 for semifinals and finals tickets.