EASL 2021-22

Launching in October 2021, under its exclusive recognition agreement with FIBA, EASL will produce the first integrated club-to-club championship league for the East Asia region.

Group Stage: Eight teams will participate in the first season, and divide into two brackets of four teams each for a round-robin Group Stage to take place from the October launch through January 2022.  Each team will play six games in this stage: one game at home and one game away against each other team in its four-team Group. 

Final Four: The winners and runners-up of each of the two groups will then play in the EASL Final Four, scheduled for February 2022; to determine the regional champion, runner-up, and third place teams.  The Final Four will be announced separately for 2022; and ultimately rotate to various markets in future years.

Qualification: Depending on the country (greater China, Japan, Korea, and Philippines) and respective team rankings, the top one or two clubs in the final playoff standings of the previous season of their respective domestic leagues will qualify to participate in the East Asia Super League.

Future Expansion: The region’s top eight teams will again qualify for the 2022-23 season.  EASL is slated to expand to 16 teams from 2023-24 on.