EASL and FIBA ​​announce 10-year contract agreement to establish “Basketball Champion League” in East Asia

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The league match to determine the Asian club champions starts in October 2021

Photo = © ASIA LEAGUE FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) and EASL (East Asian Super League) have agreed to cooperate for 10 years. EASL is preparing to launch a year-round ” Champion League ” competition for professional basketball clubs in October 2021.

A tournament will be born to compete for victory. EASL has hosted four tournaments in the last three years, with clubs from Japan, China, South Korea, the Philippines and Chinese Taipei in the play season . ” Terrific 12 ” held in Macau last SeptemberThe top 12 teams from East Asia, including four B. League teams, participated in the “. It has gathered 117 million viewers worldwide. If this becomes an official game of FIBA ​​instead of the preseason competition, it is likely to generate a great excitement.

FIBA Secretary-General Andreas Zagris has made it clear that EASL’s contribution to improving the level of basketball in East Asia has been endorsed and that FIBA’s strategy for international club competition will be pursued together. “We are confident that we will grow with top teams from Japan, Greater China, South Korea and the Philippines to be one of the three major basketball competitions in the world by 2025,” said EASL CEO Matt Bayer. Talk about the possibilities.

The meaning of “three in the world” would be to aim to be the next to the NBA and Euroleague. Eight teams from East Asia participated in the 2021-22 season and the next 2022-23 season. Compete in home and away group stages that have been incorporated into the regular season of each country, and play Final 4 (semi-finals to finals) in February. It also aims to expand the number of participating teams to 16 by 2023. It should not be trivial to set up an international competition in a situation where the new coronavirus infection spreads worldwide, but there is definitely a need. There are many basketball fans in East Asian countries and the Philippines, and the market is also large. Its popularity should increase further as the exchanges between Asia progress.

Source: news.yahoo.co.jp