Year Founded: 1975

Commissioner/Chairman: Willie Marcial

Founder: Eddie Elias

No. of Teams: 12

Approximate Season Schedule:

Philippine Cup – Mid-January to mid-May Commissioner’s Cup – Late May to mid-July Governors’ Cup – Mid-August to mid-December

League Description:

Established in 1975, PBA is the 1st Asia professional basketball league and the 2nd oldest continuously professional basketball league existing after the NBA.
While the league has mixed regulations from both the NBA and FIBA, teams compete for 3 cups instead of a “season champion” – the Commissioner’s Cup, Governors’ Cup, and Philippine Cup every season, with the Philippines Cup being the most prominent honor.

Foreign Players Rule:

Non-Filipinos can play as “imports” and only in certain conferences, the Commissioner’s Cup and the Governors’ Cup.

The Commissioner’s Cup allows teams to hire imports no taller than 6’10”.

In the Governors’ Cup, imports within the height limit of 6’5” are allowed to play.

Viewership / Attendance:

The PBA reported season highs in viewership on Facebook Live in Game Seven of the Philippine Cup finals 2019 between San Miguel and Magnolia getting more than 260,000 viewers with those watching the match by an average of 57 minutes.

The game was reached by 5.6 million viewers, while all Game Seven related viewer content reached three million.

Key Economics to Consider:

Breached the P200-million mark in total gate receipts in its 2016-17 season, gaining a three-percent increase from its sales in the previous season – mainly on the record attendance in the Ginebra- Meralco Governors Cup finale.